Top Carolina Sourdough – SanFran Style

Ladi Pav Rolls

Top Carolina, our signature bread, is a handcrafted long-fermented, whole grain, stone-baked natural sourdough. Following time-honored baking traditions, our fermentation process is intentional—from the Mother to the Levain and, finally, to the baked bread. We take our time to bring out that thrilling tangy taste.

This sourdough is delicious toasted with butter or ghee and a dollop of fresh jam. Or, try it as a sandwich bread paired with salad or soup.

These buttery, eggless rolls are pillowy soft and mouth watering!

Frequently used in India for street food, WildMoose Bakers is thrilled to bring our artisan Ladi Pav rolls to our community.

We’re working hard on developing exciting pastries, too.

Coming soon!